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Poultry vs. Pigeons -
by Bob Phillips -
June 19, 2000

Dear Readers, What prompted me to write this was Al Leamons comment on the AU Membership card on the 19 June. Perhaps just perhaps the AU is a group of people under the Leadership of Brad LaVern who get things done and do not toot there own horn so to speak. In this case I am alluding to the upcoming meeting in Colorado Springs, CO. the 28 and 29 of this month. We the AU are going it alone as our very hobby is at stake. As a matter of fact so is the fancy bird hobby. Let me give you some background on this very important meeting that is about to take place and why the Calif. Poultry Ind. felt it was necessary to place this issue on the agenda. In the two largest cities in Calif. some pigeon fanciers have found a loop hole in the FDA's laws regarding inspection of food for human consumption and shipment to third world countries. We would call it squabing. As the two proposals read the law was to be changed to read either pigeons are poultry or game fowl and therefore fall under USDA Inspections. The sponsor of these two bills from Calif. was not even aware of our hobby. He does not want to impede fancy birds or racing pigeons. He needed the AU's help in rewording the proposal to be voted on. The AU will have a retired Colorado Judge present at the reading of the two bills. Dick Ott was our very first President of the AU Avian Assistance Council and will be present. I just wanted you all to know that the AU is taking very positive action on this subject as they have many others. We may ask other National Org. to go along with us however, when they do not reply we do not set still and wait. Like I told you Brad LaVern is a true leader and see's with a soft hands on approach that things get done. I am pleased to be an AU Member and serve all pigeon fanciers'.

Best Bob Phillips
AU Director Lakes Zone
Lithopolis, Oh. USA