Pigeon Racing on the Gold Coast
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Thrid Week of July 2009
July 15 - 19, 2009

Two weeks of fun and racing
This is a three race series
First race 255km = 158 miles
Second race 340km = 211 miles
Third race 422km = 262 miles

We invite all the pigeon fanciers from Mexico and Foreign Countries

You are invited to participate in the Sixth Annual Triple Crown Puerto Vallarta Race to be held on the third week in July, in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Your reservation fee will be $300 per team and only in this manner can you enter the race. We will only have 100 teams in the race.

1. Each team will consist of three pigeons with three back-ups.
2. The cost for each team will be $7,000 Mexican poits.
3. Replacements by 15 April.
4. We will be accepting pigeons from February 15 to March 31, 2006.
5. The dates of competition are as follows.

1st Race July 2, 2006 Tepatitlán, Jal. 255 km or 158 miles
2nd Race July 9, 2006 Cro. Autopista León-Aguascalientes, Jal. 340 km or 211 miles
3rd Race July 16, 2006 Villa de Arriaga, S.L.P.. Jal. 422 km or 262 miles

6. The prizes are generated in the following manner.

points = puntos & pt

FIRST RACE: accumulation of points only

SECOND RACE: 1st 35,000 pt - 2nd 25,000 pt -3rd 20,000 pt - 4th 12,000 pt - 5th 8,000 pt

THIRD RACE: 1st 45,000 pts - 2nd 30,000 pts - 3rd 25,000 pt - 4th 15,000 pt - 5th 10,000 pt

7. Prizes for ACE Pigeon are as follows.

1st 100,000 puntos points
2nd 70,000 puntos points
3rd 40,000 puntos points
4th 30,000   puntos points
5th 20,000   puntos points

8. All prizes have been calculated on the bases of 100 teams participating in the race. If the number of teams exceeds 100, the prize money will be recalculated to reflect the number of total teams participating. All prizes will be distributed on Saturday night, July 18, 2006, on 19th if need be if all prizes are covered.
9. Prizes will be strictly determined by electronic clocking order except for when pigeons arrive in groups. In this case, they will all be classified in the same placement, and accumulation of points will be equally distributed per group. The first five pigeons clocked will receive an additional 20% of the total accumulated points, and the remainder of the points will then be divided equally among the whole group.
10. To determine the ACE Pigeon, the FCI rules will be followed. The first place pigeon will be awarded 100 points, and the three point reduction rule will be applied to the remaining pigeons.
11. All race information will be decimated via Internet on the following website: www.cleofascasillas.com

To ship pigeons to Mexico from the United States, please contact Mr. Jose Navarro at (626) 392-7676

12. Any discrepancies at or during the race will be reviewed by the race committee

Cleofas Casillas - cleofas@tepa.com.mx - Tel. 011-52-378-712-0166
Guillermo Ocejo - espacsa@hotmail.com - Tel 011-52-4455-1635-2027
Peter Marchesin - marchesin@prodigy.net.mx - Tel 011-52-322-225-0725 or 011-52-322-224-1466

For more information contact Andy Rodriguez at 940-321-4407


International Barcelona Club 2000

This is your chance to fly in Belgium against the best from throughout the world. Win a "Mercedes A" or the cash equivalent At Yves van De Poel one loft race "IBC 2000 YB Grandprix" 250 miles/400 km Only 700 entries in the loft Followed by the Yearling Race and concluding with the Barcelona Race Yves van De Poel will host this event. He has built a new YB loft for the IBC Grandprix.

1. The "IBC 2000 YB Grandprix" will be flown from Bourges 250 miles/400 km. It will be flown the first weekend in September. September 8, 2001. The Entry Fee will be $130 per bird. If you enter 4 birds the 5th bird is free, but you must pay for its shipping $20.00. All fees must accompany the pigeons. See instructions for fee payment on website or write or call for instructions.

2. The following year the Yearling Race at "IBC 2000" will once more be flown during the first weekend in September 2002. If selected to remain (42 will move up) for the Yearling Race the entry free will be $165 dollars and will be flown on the widowhood system. Yves will make the selection by race performance displayed during the season. The birds not selected will be auctioned at the end of the season and breeder will receive 50% of the sale.

3. The third season your birds will fly in the Barcelona National & International Race and in preparation for this great race will also fly in all other national races up to Brive (691 km/431 miles) Barcelona International (1076 km/672 miles). The entry fee will be $175 dollars.

Yves is completing his new YB loft that will house 700 birds. Yves has won the Barcelona Race along with many other prestigious awards. 1st NATIONAL CHAMPION EXTREME LONG DISTANCE 1995 K.B.D.B 1ST INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION EURO MARATHON 1995 (Euskirchen Germany) B.D.S. Championship: 1st champion Long distance 1-7 ace pigeon long distance. He has many more awards to his credit.

All birds must arrive for shipping no earlier than March 15, 2001 and no later then April 1, 2001. All birds must have only one Ring (Band) and it must be on the right foot. A signed pedigree must accompany the pigeon in order to be shipped to Belgium. A health certificate from your local vet is required. You can see a complete copy of the race Requirement on Yves website. For a detail copy of the Regulations and Information sheet: write or go to our websites. I.B.C. 2000 http://users.skynet.be/ibc2000/ or www.worldpigeonloft.com Email ibc2000@skynet.be or Pigeonloft@centurytel.net

Mailing address and shipping: Andy Rodriguez 113 Meadow Ln. Hickory Creek, TX 75065 For any information please call: Andy Rodriguez: agent in USA Phone: 940-321-4407 FAX 940-321-4407 Yves van De Poel: Phone : 011-321-158-8355 FAX 011-321-158-4346

Documents: Health Certificate The pigeons must be accompanied by: Invoice "not commercial Value"Certificate of origin Pedigree (signed) Health Certificate (done by an official veterinarian) Which says: The pigeons must be in good health, and they come from a loft where in a zone of 10km no precautions have been taken by the health department due to the break out of an infectious disease of this kind of aves. In particular must the loft be declared free at least 90 days before shipment from Paramyxo virus, Newcastle disease, Fowl plague, Orni-those and Psittacose.



FMC Convention

The Federacion Mexicana de Colombofilia

Announces the XXII Convention

December ?, 2009 - December ?, 2009


~For more Information Contact~

Andy Rodriguez
Phone: 940-321-4407
email: pigeonloft@centurytel.net

~In Mexico Contact~


El Web site offical se abrirá con toda la información para la convención de 2008 FMC el abril 15,2008. www.pcmcolombofilos.com.mx

The official website for the 2008 FMC convention will open on April 15, 2008 at this address www.pcmcolombofilos.com.mx

Convention Date: December 5 - 8, 2008 Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico




2.- Se admitirán 250 palomas, únicamente con anillo de LA FEMECO 2008.

3.- El costo será de 2,000.00 puntos.

4.- La recepción de pichones será del 15 de abril al 30 DE JUNIO de 2007 en BLV. Hilario Medina 3113 Col. Jardines de Providencia TEL. 477 7766309 con el M.V.Z Carlos de la Garma Kaire.

5.- Las inscripciones se haran con el Ing. Octavio Acero Varela Cta. 04424254088 de Bancomer , de Aguascalientes Ags. Sin excepción de persona, no se recibirán pichones sin la autorización (ficha ) o en su defecto se recibirán únicamente pagando al momento de recibir los pichones de otra manera NO serán recibidos.

6.- El tiempo de reposición será todo el mes de junio.

7.- El vuelo será al día sábado 8 de Diciembre de 2007 de PEDRICEÑA DGO. 500 KM. Aprox.

8.- El encargado de manejar las palomas será el Sr. CARLOS AGUILAR mejor conocido como el "FIERA"


Del total de la bolsa recaudada se repartirá de la siguiente manera 20% para la organización 10% para "LA FEMECO" y el restante 70% se repartirá de la siguiente forma:

1.- lugar 25%

2.- lugar 15%

3.- lugar 10%

4.- lugar 8%

5.- lugar 7%

Del 6º. Al 10º. Lugar 5%

Del 11º. Al 15º. Lugar 2%


Ing. Pedro Montalvo (México, D.F.)

Sr. Cleofas Casillas (Capilla De Gpe. Jal.)

Sr. Marco Antonio Diaz (León, Gto.)

11.- Habrá vareo después de 10 segundos, dando oportunidad que entren libremente las palomas.

12.- En caso de llegar dos o mas palomas juntas se repartirá en partes iguales el total de los premios de las palomas llegadas, los premios de los pooles será en base a las marcas del reloj.

En caso de que no se cubran los premios el día de suelta se cierra a las 12 hrs. del día siguiente, si no se completan los premios se reparten

proporcionalmente entre las palomas que hayan llegado si no llegara

ninguna paloma los premios se reparten entre las palomas que vayan a la final y los pooles se regresan quitando el 10%.

Lo no previsto en esta convocatoria lo decidirá el comité organizador.

13.- El comité organizador los mantendrá informados en la pagina web de Asociación Palomas De Carreeras De Leon www.apcl.com.mx

14.- Para informes contactar:

Luis Conejo Sanchez TEL. 477 77 33 561 NEXTEL I.D. 52 *54770*27

Carlos De La Garma Kaire TEL. 477 77 66 309 NEXTEL I.D. 62*13*27957

Elias Vilches Velázquez TEL: 477 16 16 228 NEXTEL I.D. 52*244055*

Andy Rodriguez
Phone: 940-321-4407
email: pigeonloft@centurytel.net

~In Mexico Contact~

Luis Conejo Sanchez TEL. 477 77 33 561 NEXTEL I.D. 52 *54770*27

Carlos De La Garma Kaire TEL. 477 77 66 309 NEXTEL I.D. 62*13*27957

Elias Vilches Velázquez TEL: 477 16 16 228 NEXTEL I.D. 52*244055*



AU Convention Race , 2009


10,000 Point Club


- International Racing