The objective of the World Pigeon Registry is to provide the world of Racing Pigeon Fanciers with a Pigeon Registry. The Registry will maintain pedigree records on Racing Pigeons. The WPR will keep on file all registered Hall Of Fame, Champion, and Ace pigeons upon receipt of a copy of a Hall Of Fame, Champion or Ace Certificate. Futurity Winners must send a copy of the race sheet signed by the race secretary and the race chairman in order to register a Futurity Winner. The WPR will maintain a Loft Registration of it's members. Members may advertise in the Yearly Stud Book. The Stud Book will be published every December. Orders for directories must be in by the 1st of November.

By having a registry we can maintain the integrity of pigeon breeding. Once the database is established any member of the WPR can call or E-mail requesting verification of a pigeon if it is in our database and has our registration number on a pedigree. We will also do the same to verify Hall of Fame, Champion, Ace and Futurity winners. We will be providing accurate and correct information on all of our Pedigrees and Award Winners. You no longer have to wonder if a pedigree is correct and the information and claims on the pedigree are valid. One of our goals is to prevent fraudulent pedigrees and claims in our sport.

As the database is being built any discrepancy on a pedigree will be investigated and corrected as necessary. At first we will depend on correct pedigrees from our members and at a future time if we do find an error in the database we will inform you of the error. Pure Bred breeders can now have a tool to research the bloodlines in your loft upon request. Breeder can be assured of accurate performance claims and may also request information from the WPR.

Applicants must provide the World Pigeon Registry with a legible pedigree consisting of not less than 3 generations for non registered pigeons. WPR can pervide you with up to 6 generations on a pedigree. If all the pigeons are registered in a two-generation pedigree you will receive a Green Seal Pedigree. A three-generation pedigree with all the pigeons registered will receive a Red Seal Pedigree. A four-generation pedigree with all the pigeons registered will receive a Blue Seal Pedigree. A five-generation pedigree with all the pigeons registered will receive a Silver Seal Pedigree. The final Seal will be a Gold Seal for six-generations that will be attached to a pedigree that has every pigeon registered in all 6 generations. Any loft with a pair of Gold Seal pedigrees will be awarded a Gold Loft Registration and Certificate that you can proudly advertise.


  • Stud Book Registry membership per year - $ 25.00
  • Registration per pigeon & pedigree - $ 10.00
  • Registration per pigeon, photo & pedigree - $ 15.00
  • Loft Registration with Certificate - $ 15.00
  • HOF, Champion, Ace, Futurity Certificates - $ 10.00

~ Andy Rodriguez *