We are about to start the new Millennium of old bird season. Like all old bird seasons it is awaited with much anticipation. We at Tejano Loft want to wish each and every one of you a successful race season. We are located just north of Dallas, Texas in Hickory Creek, Texas. We compete in one of the most competitive areas in the United States. We have a very nice colony of Tejano Grondelaers and Tejano Van Loons with a few Janssens. Our Tejano Grondelaers have some of the best bloodlines that Jan Grondelaer had. De Jan, Rooster, Agnus, Goede Jaarling, Late Blauwe, Balko, Boris, De Lange, Rudi, Prins, Stuka, Blaue Izeren, Freddy and the Newspaper Hen. It is not uncommon to find most in one pedigree. We also have a few down line from Persoon, Brave Peter and Paulwels. Our Tejano Van Loon Colony is very well represented by some of the best sires and dams in the breed. We have down line from Super 73, 083, Bold Ruler, Louisa, Verona, Gary's Blue, Tarzan, De Senna, Super Secret, Rocket Hen, Scrumpy and 2778.

Last year was one of our best seasons. We had 5 club wins, 3 combine wins and 2 concourse wins with 2 fourth place finished in the concourse. In the first Futurity of the year the Ben Hughes Futurity we placed 12th and 13th place. We also won one of the major futurities in Texas, the North Texas Concourse Futurity in 1999. In 1998 we were second in the North Texas Futurity by seconds. Three weeks later we won the first 4 places in the Main Event Futurity by 3 minutes. In 1997 we won the Texas Center Convention C Race. We won 1st and 2nd Champion Bird Awards in the Dash For Cash Futurity in 1994 with 2 second place finishes a 3rd and a 12th place. In 1993 we received a Second Place Texas Center Hall Of Fame young bird award. We also won the Club Average Speed and Champion Bird in 1993.*

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Racing Pigeon Digest Article Jan. 15th, 2000