This was the view from the ninth floor from our hotel room. This place is beautiful and the service is great.


Jose Carlos waiting for pigeons along with 60 others from the United States & Mexico


The organizers Cleofas Casillas & Guillermo Ocejo discussing the release of the pigeons, while Peter Marchesin informs people by cell phone of the release. Competitor Juan Manuel Novelo is also telling his connections of the situation.


The arrival of pigeons was fast and furious on the second race with over 100 pigeons arriving within minutes. You could tell the pigeons had been prepared excellently. With 300 pigeons going to the race and 288 returned, you know that the pigeons were in form.


Shirley, Rosie & Dorothy are in the lobby of the hotel under the new V Triple Crown, Puerto Vallarta 2006 banner.


Ilda, Jorge Estrada's daughter and wife Moni along with Sofie are enjoying the afternoon while waiting for the pigeons to arrive.


The Casillas clan were in fine form enjoying the afternoon, while Charlie was holding court.


Peter asking the question, "Where are the pigeons"?


Jorge Estrada and the lookout crew are busy looking for the first pigeon to arrive.


Pepe DeLa Vega & Juan Manuel Novelo saying to each other you have my hat, no you have my shirt! All this while waiting for the food line to start serving.


Lalo & Willy and their loft manager have just seen their entry trap in second place. Congratulations Amigos!


Jose Navarro and his wife from California, USA with their award at the awards banquet.


Louis Lopez and his wife from Moroleon, Gto enjoying the night and their award.


It is not just for a pigeon race that Shirley and I go down to Puerto Vallarta every year, it is to enjoy the visit that we have with all of our friends. Juan Manuel and his wife Rosie Salinas have been attending the Triple Crown for four years.They are from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. This was the third year that Bill and Dorothy Kinyon from Tulsa, Oklahoma have joined us. The food is great the people are friendly and there is much to do. Come join us sometime for a week of racing and fun.